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Complete Your Medical Education
Take Back Your Career from the Daily WHIRLWIND OF YOUR JOB

Lessons learned via our 12 year, 40,000 doctor, 175 organization experience in burnout coaching and training - in a comprehensive library of short videos suitable for physicians and all employees.
>> 86 Videos, 6 Audios - 75 of them are less than 8 minutes long - 31 Handouts and Checklists - Up to 37 CME Credits
>> All lessons designed to be simple to understand, simple to implement with immediate and lasting benefit. 

Videos teach tools to:

  • Recognize and prevent burnout in yourself and others
  • Get home sooner
  • Build life balance
  • And a more Ideal Job / Practice / Career / Life
  • Be the Eye of the Storm at work
  • When to stop and ask for help
  • Guided Imagery Audio Library for relaxation 
  • Build healthy boundaries between work and home
  • Say "NO" with some elegance and grace
  • Vacation and Day Off and Date Night Secrets
  • How to build your EMR/Documentation Strategy
  • When to look for a new job
  • How to reach out to colleagues in distress
  • Many more proven tools for your happiness and wellbeing.
  • Up to 37 CME Credits for Physicians, Nurses, NP's, PA's, Pharmacists and Dentists  

Library Comments:

  • I like the concept of building a strategy to maintain the balance I seek
  • Wow! I never thought of burnout this way before - Thank you!
  • These videos have been so awesome. Especially this last one. It really hit home.
  • Lots of new ideas and ways to reframe old ideas<
  • Great ideas for me to help with my staff
  • Love the way they have helped me to identify the symptoms of burnout.
  • Excellent - they are surely hitting home with how I’ve felt!!
  • Very helpful, felt like we were in class with the instructor