Become the Eye-of-the-Storm in Your Practice Day

-Relaxed, Centered, Calm, Focused, Even Happy - With a Single Breath - Any Time You Need It - No Matter What is Going On Around You

1 Minute Mindfulness
Online Training for Physicians, Nurses, Helpers and Healers

~ Evidence Based
~ 8 Short Video Lessons
~ Immediate Results - Every Time
~ BONUS Guided Imagery for deep relaxation.
~ Up to 19 CME/CEU Credits

I have a pause button. I can stop, collect myself and feel so much more at ease in the chaos around me ~~~ Gives me peace of mind, clarity about what I love about my work ~~~ I learned how I could let go of all the worry with a breath no one else even notices ~~~ Always puts me in a better mood, even when things are tough at work, or at home

The program has given me back a sense of control in my life. It brought me back to being present with each of my patients. I feel like a healer again, not just someone who writes out prescriptions and makes referrals. I am still surprised that it doesn’t take any more time in my already packed work day; in fact it keeps giving me back time I would have normally wasted on worrying.

I learned how I could let go of all the worry with a breath no one else even notices. It was easy to learn the program with the videos and worksheets. I started to see results within just a few days.

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The perfect addition to your One Minute Mindfulness Training ... three more skill sets from our 40,000 doctor  experience. 

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- 86 short videos
- Learn a tool in four minutes, use it for immediate benefit
- Up to 36 CME/CEU Credits