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Take Back Your Practice

These Online Video Trainings give you proven tools to recognize and prevent burnout, get home sooner, build real life balance and a more Ideal Practice.

Let's FILL IN THE HOLES IN YOUR MEDICAL EDUCATION with Lessons Learned via our 12 year, 40,000 Doctor Experience Coaching Burned out Physicians.

3 Trainings Filled with Proven Tools to:

~ Recognize and Prevent Burnout ~
~ Find a Much Better Job ASAP ~
~ Become the Eye of the Storm at Work ~

Complete Your Medical Education and Burnout Proof Your Practice

Learn Proven Tools to:
~ Get Home Sooner
~ Build Life Balance
~ Be the Eye of the Storm at Work
~ Build a More Ideal Practice
Up to 36 CME Credits

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Find a Much More Ideal Practice NOW!

Step-By-Step, Proven Process to FIND, INTERVIEW, NEGOTIATE and ONBOARD into a Much Better Practice NOW!
~ Short Video Lessons
~ Dozens of Interview Power Questions, Negotiation Tools and Much More
~ Up to 10 CME Credits

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Become the Eye-of-the-Storm in Your Practice Day

Relaxed, Centered, Calm, Focused -
No Matter What is Going On Around You.
~ Evidence Based
~ Short Video Lessons
~ Immediate Results
~ Up to 19 CME Credits

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What clients are saying:

~ a game changer ~

I completed my first on-site interview this past week. I went all "Ideal Job Search training" on them, with four sheets of questions. Those poor people didn't know what they had coming.

I had nine people around the table, from the practice manager, clinic manager, lead physician, and all the APPs. Their questions stalled out after 5 minutes. Then I asked them if I could ask them some questions, pulled out my list, and just started a nice conversational 90 minute fact finding.

Several times they said things like "Wow, you have a lot of questions" and "I've never thought of that before." And I followed the formula to the letter, keeping it easy going but focused, and letting them know that "yes, I have a lot of questions because I want to make sure I am a good fit here and can become a valued member of this organization." It was excellent, just as promised by the course.

They offered me the job on the way home as I was leaving town and are sending me the contract to look over.

I highly recommend The Ideal Job Search material, it is a game changer.
~ J. N. MD 

“I realized I have been in a passive mode too long, stuck in my slump, when I could be out there making a difference. Now I see everything is still possible – when I dig deep enough and have a plan to make it happen. My vision can be the center-point, not an obstacle.”
~ M.K. MD

"I learned my ‘wildest dreams’ aren’t so wild and unattainable after all. I now see how to more effective with patients whilst keeping myself healthier too."
~ A.T. MD

Your mindfulness curriculum has been the spark for something amazing for me,
and while believe it or not I am usually pretty staid and pessimistic, I have a
hope for the future that hasn't existed in my life before now.
~ J.N. MD

... gives me peace of mind. clarity about what I love about my work. I feel like a healer again 

 ... keeps giving me back time I would have normally wasted on worrying 

 ... always puts me in a better mood, even when things are tough at work, or at home 

“I learned how I could let go of all the worry with a breath no one else even notices. It was easy to learn the program with the videos and worksheets. I started to see results within just a few days. Now I use the squeegee breath in my everyday relationships and taught it to my staff and patients. It always helps me calm down and be really present with the person in front of me at the moment.”
~ S.J. MD