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... POP saved my career ...

"The perspectives I hear from the POP members helped me feel sane. I feel secure that there is a space and time (regular calls) where I can process my thoughts and experiences and I am not alone. Having the anchor of POP outside of my work has kept me grounded and actually saved my career."  ~ A. F. MD

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The Experience of Being a Modern Physician Gets More Difficult Every Day. 

Your medical education did not prepare you for these uncertain times. You were not trained to be an employee in the middle of massive bureaucracy. Burnout is everywhere, good leaders are rare, a healthy group culture is damned difficult to find and supportive colleagues are few and far between.

We want you to know ... You Are Not Alone.

In your search for meaning, fulfillment and satisfaction as a modern physician, you have kindred spirits and allies in our POP Community. 

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7 Layers of Exclusive POP Member Benefits

1) ZOOM Mastermind Sessions

Twice a month we get together on ZOOM for a drop-in Mastermind Call. Outstanding support, questions answered, a second opinion, reality check or brainstorming a new way forward - it is all available, twice a month.

2) The Secret POP Support Forums

A hidden, members-only online forum with over 4500 posts. A treasure trove of searchable insights four years in the making. Ask anything and we will all chime in with support, NOT the whining you see in most online forums. 

3) Weekly POP Newsletter

News, insights, links, articles, announcements and weekly reminders to HACK your Life Calendar, set your Action Step for the week ahead and Celebrate All Wins from the week past.

4) POP Training Library

Online trainings to share insights from our experience preventing burnout with over 40,000 doctors and 175 organizations to date. Proven tools to build a more Ideal Practice.

5) POP Podcast

Sharing burnout prevention tools, burnout stories - the good, the bad and the ugly - and wellness leadership strategies. POP Members are frequent guests and interviews.

6) POP Resources Library

A curated collection of articles, web links, Guided Imagery audios, recommended reading, worksheets, checklists and more. All focused on helping you create a more Ideal Practice.

7) A standing 20% Discount to ALL Trainings and Retreats at

... lots and lots of fun and VERY authentic ...

"On the POP calls we understand what healthy communication and group dynamics feel like, the power of other peoples stories and journey’s, and that it is OK to be not OK. Most of all, we are all learning and evolving by sharing our experiences in real time and real context. And it is lots and lots of fun and VERY authentic - no B.S. allowed." ~ K.L. MD

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Come In From the Cold and Feel the Difference Our World-Class Support Can Make

Come on in and check out POP for yourself. Take a big breath, release the Whirlwind of your current practice and your Superhero, Lone Ranger Programming. 

Support like this is exceedingly rare for doctors. We are conditioned to not ask for help and often feel guilty when we struggle -- despite the fact that surveys show 40 - 50% of us burned out on any given office day. That silliness can all stop now.  We encourage you to check out all the benefits and see what difference your POP membership makes in your practice and your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

We know you have not seen a support community like Physicians on Purpose, so here are some answers to common questions.

RE: POP Subscription reimbursement or deductibility

  • If you are an employee: Your POP subscription is a legitimate use of your CME/Professional Development funds.
  • If you are self-employed: POP Subscription is a legitimate business expense classified as "professional development".


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