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Stop Physician Burnout

An online video training library designed to help physicians just like you cure burnout, restore life balance, and create the ideal practice - All from our 12 year, 40,000 doctor experience.

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The patient can’t always come first…


Physician burnout is a real and pressing problem that affects thousands of doctors every year. These days the biggest obstacles to truly enjoying your career are the chaos and overwhelm of even routine patient care.

  • Physician burnout rates are 63% in 2023.
  • Nurse surveys show the same results.
  • Everyone is at risk. Every single day.
  • You are NOT alone!


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As a doctor, you were never taught to care for yourself… until now.

We’ve trained over 40,000 doctors and nurses in our Burnout Proof LIVE Workshop. These thousands of hours of live physician coaching and stress-busting tools have been condensed into a 6 module online video course.

Inside you’ll find tools to:

  • Get home sooner
  • Say “no” with grace
  • Build healthy boundaries between work & home
  • Recognize & prevent burnout in yourself & others

Say goodbye to burnout.
Enjoy your calling.


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“These videos have been so awesome. Especially this last one. It really hit home.”

“So much has changed. I have learned to let go of all the politics at work and to release my thoughts about patients when I come home… I now get to sleep through the night every day of the week.”

"Love the way they have helped me to identify the symptoms of burnout."



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83 Video Trainings

6 Audio Lessons

31 Handouts, Checklists and Worksheets

36 CME Credits for Doctors, Nurses and more Lifetime Access

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Meet Dr. Dike Drummond


Hi! I’m Dr. Dike Drummond, the creator of the Burnout Proof Online Workshop.

Since 2010, my sole professional focus has been helping physicians recognize and prevent burnout. As a coach, author, trainer and consultant I have worked with over 40,000 doctors and 175 organizations to date from our base on the web at

We have tested and refined hundreds of tools to lower stress and prevent burnout in physicians. Our hope is that you will use these tools to transform your own career, practice, and life.

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