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Burnout Proof Online Workshop

This Online Video Training Library shares lessons from our 12 year, 40,000 doctor experience teaching how to stop physician burnout, restore life balance and create a more Ideal Job, Practice, Career and Life. All tools are proven effective in the real world of COVID-Era patient care. They will work for you if you are a doctor or in any other position on the care team.

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The patient can't always come first ... in the same way that you can't pour water from an empty jug.

These days the biggest obstacles to truly enjoying your career, are the chaos and overwhelm of even routine patient care ... and the constant threat of burnout.

  • Physician burnout rates are 63% in 2023.
  • Nurse surveys show the same results.
  • Everyone is At Risk, Every Day

And there is a Massive HOLE in Your Medical Education

You were never taught how to recognize and prevent burnout !
Without the tools to protect yourself,
Your job is just like a construction worker without a hard hat
or a soldier without a flak jacket.

Let us give you the protection you deserve and show you a way to TAKE BACK YOUR JOB / PRACTICE / CAREER / LIFE 

We have been coaching and training physicians since 2010 to recognize and prevent physician burnout. 

We have trained over 40,000 doctors in stress busting tools, learned from thousands of hours of physician coaching, in our Burnout Proof LIVE Workshop.

During the COVID Lockdown, we dramatically expanded the scope of that training, broke it into dozens of mini lessons, recorded them as video trainings and mounted the whole library on the web.

NOW, you can learn these hard-won lessons at your own pace in the comfort of your own office, home or cell phone with the BURNOUT PROOF ONLINE WORKSHOP VIDEO LIBRARY

Everything is Laser-Focused to Complete Your Medical Education
and Show You How to Take Back Your Career from the Daily WHIRLWIND OF YOUR JOB


> This is a Comprehensive Course in Burnout Prevention and Stress Management. 83 Videos, 6 Audios - 75 of them are each less than 8 minutes long - 31 Handouts and Checklists and 36 CME Credits

> You are In Charge, Learn at Your Own Pace. Lessons are Video-On-Demand, available 24/7 via your computer, tablet or cell phone. 

> The Trainings are Short and On Point. Watch a 6 minute video, learn a tool you can use right now for immediate results.

> All tools were field-tested by thousands of our physician coaching clients over the last 10 years. We know they work in the real world of today's practice of medicine.

> Every tool works for Everyone on the care team. We learned them on doctors and they work for anyone who puts the patient first.

Includes up to 36 PRA Category 1 CME Credits for Doctors, Nurses, NP's, PA's, Dentists and Pharmacists

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  • The beauty of the program is the simplicity and that the stress relief steps can merge into a busy life almost effortlessly. The program is distilled down to manageable sections even I could find time for.
  • I like the concept of building a strategy to maintain the balance I seek
  • The stress relief wasn’t confined to the office, it spilled over into my entire life. I have my sanity back. I am happy again.
  • Wow! I never thought of burnout this way before - Thank you!

Dr. Dike Drummond here. I am the creator of the Burnout Proof Online Workshop.

The experience of taking care of patients gets more difficult every day.

Understaffing, hostile patients, digital overwhelm and COVID stirring everything up ... your satisfaction and fulfillment as a helper, a healer, a Lightworker can seem out of reach in this WHIRLWIND of your job.

Your medical education did not prepare you for these uncertain times. You were never trained to deal with stress or to recognize and prevent your own burnout. Burnout is everywhere, good leaders are rare, a healthy practice culture is so difficult to find and supportive colleagues are few and far between. Everyone on the care team is at risk. 

We want you to know ... You Are Not Alone and there is a Way Forward.

  • The latest survey on US Doctors shows a 63% burnout rate. 
  • The Little Voice in your head may be saying, "I'm not sure how much longer I can keep going like this" or "what's the use". 

The tools inside this training library can show you a path to a More Ideal Job - Practice - Career - Life
A Path that Puts You Back In Charge of Your Fulfillment and Satisfaction.


Since 2010, my sole professional focus has been helping physicians recognize and prevent burnout. As a coach, author, trainer and consultant I have worked with over 40,000 doctors and 175 organizations to date from our base on the web at TheHappyMD.com.

We have tested and refined hundreds of tools to lower stress and prevent burnout in physicians, honing them to be:

  • Easy to Learn
  • Easy to Use / Implement / Practice
  • With Benefits the First and Every Time You Use Them

We used to teach all this LIVE and IN-PERSON before the COVID curtain came down on LIVE Trainings in 2021.

We used the lockdown to create an expanded Video-on-Demand version of the Live Training adding in dozens more proven tools.

Now You are Standing on the Front Porch of the BURNOUT PROOF ONLINE WORKSHOP VIDEO LIBRARY

Here's what is Inside.

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Six Core Lessons 

Teach how to recognize and prevent burnout and go further ... to become Burnout Proof. These videos are a little longer and have follow along handouts and journal questions to maximize your learning and retention.

1. Burnout Symptoms, Causes, Effects, Pathophysiology and Complications

2. Burnout's True Nature and Highest and Best Use

3. The 3-Step Ideal Job/Practice Generator

4. Your Personal Burnout Prevention Strategy

5. Weekly Power Half-Hour Life Balance Process

6. A simple check-in process to keep you Burnout Proof and On Purpose from now on

The Tools Libraries

3 collections of proven tools to build your Personal Burnout Prevention Strategy.

Build an EMR/Documentation Strategy
Run a Quality Team Huddle 
And an efficient Monthly Staff Meeting
Deal with "Broken Record Moments"
And much more.

Our Weekly Schedule HACK Process for Life Balance
Tools for a solid boundary between work and home
Date Night and Two-Week Vacation Secrets
And much more

Our evidence-based, single breath mindfulness tool that ensures you are a true Eye-of-the-Storm at work

The BONUS Lessons

Each of the Main Lessons is paired with 3 BONUS Lessons. Bonus Trainings are all less than 8 minutes long and teach a single tool you can put to immediate use. All of the tools work first time and every time you use them.

Bonus Lessons include:
~ When to stop and ask for help
How to reach out to a colleague in distress
What to do when a patient says thank you
The Plate Spinning Theory of Personal Development
How to DE-Commit when you are Over Committed
How to say "No" with elegance and grace
Work ON your job/practice, not just IN it
Gratitude and the Reverse Differential Diagnosis

More Feedback:

  • So much has changed. I have learned to let go of all the politics at work and to release my thoughts about patients when I come home. We even made a change in coverage so I now get to sleep through the night every day of the week.
  • These videos have been so awesome. Especially this last one. It really hit home.
  • Lots of new ideas and ways to reframe old ideas
  • Great ideas for me to help with my staff
  • Love the way they have helped me to identify the symptoms of burnout.
  • Very helpful, felt like we were in class with the instructor

What are the Video Lessons like?


This video from the Workshop Introduction with a lesson on the core conflict that causes Burnout. Notice it is only 3 minutes long and will show you a new way of understanding our work that produces a permanent change in your perspective for many.


Guided Imagery Library

We include downloadable audio files of Guided Imagery you can listen to at your convenience

The Body Scan - whole body relaxation
The Magic Bubble - to hold your boundaries at work
The Lake, The Mountain, The Beach, The Garden:
Each a whole body experience of your favorite environment

CME for Doctors, Nurses and More

~ The Workshop provides up to 36 CME Credits through the CME.fy system

~ Credits are available for Physicians, Nurses, NP's, PA's, Pharmacists and Dentists

Learning Accelerators

To maximize your learning and retention, we include 31 handouts, checklists, worksheets and journal questions.
Research shows that written notes and journal entries are the most effective forms of learning. Each lesson contains written materials you can download and save for future review. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Since there is no healthcare support resource like this, we can imagine you have some questions. Let's see if we can answer them.

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